Republicans Wimping-Out On Repeal Of ObamaCare?



Allow me to be as clear as possible right here at the beginning of this commentary.  I don’t like ObamaCare at all, not in the slightest, in any way—shape or form.  Period!  Got it?

ObamaCare is a Marxist/socialist/statist policy and I hate it.

Vladimir Lenin, himself, said:  “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”

Ole Vlad knew exactly what he was talking about. ObamaCare warms the cockles of the hearts of all the Marxists in the Democratic Party and believe me, there are a host of them!

There is NOTHING good about ObamaCare.  It is a cancerous assault on the freedom of Americans and it needs to be gone and, frankly, all those who supported it and voted it through the Congress need to be gone along with it.

Here in North Carolina, we’re doing our dead level best to rid ourselves of every Democrat who supported ObamaCare and/or Obama.  At the moment, our chances for success look very promising.

” ObamaCare is a curse! Take your lives and your homes back. Do it now, before it is too late. Take action now. Save yourselves, and your loved ones. Get unstuck, be informed, get peace of mind, stop the depression and anxiety, take charge of your lives for once. Do it now!

Look.  ObamaCare has not even begun to affect your life yet.  The law is so large, so intrusive in your private life that you are just not going to believe the depth of government meddling that attends ObamaCare.  It has yet begun—but it’s coming, I assure you.

And now the GOP is backing away from a total repeal of ObamaCare.  Especially the establishment Republicans.  Now their battle cry is “Repeal and Replace!”

WHAT?  Repeal and Replace?  Are they completely nuts!?

Recently, Rush Limbaugh said:  “The Republican establishment obviously has a campaign game plan involving ObamaCare, and it does not include repealing it, folks.  The Republican establishment apparently doesn’t want to campaign on repealing it.  They want to campaign on fixing it.”

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Common Core, the Fordham Institute, and the D.C. Edu-Blob

James Madison

If Congress… may establish teachers in every State, county, and parish, and pay them out of the public Treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union… I would venture to declare it as my opinion… it would subvert the very foundation and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America…

James Madison, 1792

Nearly two centuries later, elected officials of all political stripes still agreed with Madison, the father of the Constitution and author of the Bill of Rights. Three federal laws – including two signed by Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter – prohibit the federal government from funding, directing, validating, or having any involvement with national education standards, testing, or curricula. None of this seems to have dimmed the Washington, D.C.-based Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s fervor for nationalized K-12 standards and tests.

Efforts to model national standards date back at least a quarter century. But previous attempts, one by the first Bush administration that convened governors (mostly from low-performing states) to lead the charge and another by the Clinton administration, took the route usually used to pass laws in our democracy: filing legislation and holding public hearings. Both failed miserably. This time Beltway advocates took another approach – one you probably didn’t learn about in civics class.

The 2009 federal stimulus package included the “Race to the Top” (RttT) fund, a grant competition that doled out $4.35 billion to states and acted as a lever to get them to adopt national English and math standards known as Common Core. These grants were essentially conditioned on states adopting, but that wasn’t all.

The federal government funded two national consortia assembled to develop Common Core-based tests. In their federal funding applications, the consortia pledged to use part of the money to develop curricular materials in direct contravention of federal law. Just in case anyone still didn’t get the message, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, without congressional approval, made adoption of Common Core a condition for states seeking waivers from the dreaded accountability provisions of the No Child Left Behind law.

While Fordham has never wavered in its support for Common Core, the institute was clearly uncomfortable with the perception – though not the reality – of a heavy-handed federal government role in getting states to adopt nationalized standards and assessments. Before President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address, the institute’s executive vice president, Michael Petrilli, sent out multiple tweets begging the President not to mention “Common Core” or “Curriculum.”

But the President did, just as he had in his previous State of the Union Address. And why not? The President was only taking credit for what he made happen. Common Core and national testing are clearly Obama initiatives.

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When It Is Not Your Time

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Winteregg For Congress Ad


Over the course of 23 years, John Boehner has forgotten that his job was to go to D.C. to fight for you. Despite his campaign promises, as Speaker of the House he has failed to defund ObamaCare, failed to pass timely budgets, failed to protect us from amnesty for criminal illegal immigrants, and even raised the debt ceiling which leaves debt for our children and grandchildren to pay back and puts our national security at risk.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to fight back!

via ▶ When The Moment Is Right – YouTube.

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