Amicalola Electric Needs Our Help!


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Amicalola Electric Membership Coop has requested that we contact the EPA and express our concern over the new regulations on existing power plants causing a rise in our electric rates. According to the CEO of Amicalola EMC, the implementation of these costly rules will mean an increase in our electric bills.

Please take a few minutes and go to www.action.coop to state your concerns.

via NRECA Action.coop – National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Congressman Doug Collins Ranked Most Conservative Georgian in Congress


Doug_Collins,_Official_portrait,_113th_Congress-1In its annual rating of Congress released today, National Journal identified Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) as the most conservative member of Georgia’s Congressional Delegation and the sixteenth most conservative Member of the House of Representatives overall.

On studying the rankings, Congressman Collins said, “I tell people all the time that Northeast Georgia is where you’ll find the ‘complete conservative’—those highly informed citizens who carefully consider both social and economic factors when they make their decisions. As the elected representative of Northeast Georgians, this ranking came as no surprise to me.”  Collins continued, “My district wants to see conservatism that works.  They want to see their values expressed in an effective way.  That’s what I’ve set out to do for them, and I’m glad one of the most fair and respected publications in Washington recognized that.”

Weather Advisory for Pickens County & Dawson Counties

IMPORTANT weather advisory warns of a very serious winter storm … potentially life threatening.  Dawson and Pickens were advised that Sunday night thru Monday (anyone living at the 2,000 ft level and above) face at least a 50% chance of 2-3 Inches of Snow or better…but more importantly on Monday night thru Tuesday AM the temp is expected to drop below zero at -5 to -10 degrees with wind chill possibly at -20 to -30 degrees…..there is a notion that wind chill only impacts people and not inanimate objects (which is incorrect) particularly PVC and metal pipes are vulnerable as wind chill reduces the heat in those pipes and exposes them to bursting or freezing.  Just want to give you a warning about exposed pipes or homes that have not been properly winterized…..also there may be some living up here that needs to be checked upon from time to time as power may become an issue….with these type of temp it could be catastrophic.  You may want to consider light bulbs in your well house for heat,  pets that are exposed to this extreme are particularly vulnerable…also your propane level and generator  should be considered.

Hope you all stay warm and safe…and please stay off the roads. (J.T.)

Yearly Average Temps & Rainfall for Pickens County (Sassafras Mountain) Since 2003

WILL BE UPDATING AGAIN AT THE END OF 2014  (The 2013 average temperature was significantly less than previous years, while our rain amount was significantly higher!  Conclusions are your own.)

Year          Avg Temp          Avg Rain

2003          55.0                    67.76

2004          56.2                    74.01

2005          55.9                    68.58

2006          56.7                    56.71

2007          57.8                    37.34

2008          55.6                    58.22

2009          55.6                    84.12

2010          55.8                    49.58

2011           56.6                    59.12

2012           57.7                    48.18

2013           54.4                   86.00


Pickens County Tea Party Hosts Candidate Fair

With a qualifying deadline of March 3, 2014, the Pickens County Tea Party extended invitations to all candidates to attend a candidates fair to meet the public and answer questions on their platforms.

The fair was held October 26 at Chattahoochee Technical College in Jasper.

A crowd filtered through tables set up with candidates’ information and were able to speak to either candidates or their representatives. Candidates who responded included Governor Nathan Deal who had information available. Senate: Senator Steve Gooch who attended, Derrick Grayson who attended, Dr. Branko Radulovacki who was in attendance, Jack Kingston who had representatives present, Eugene Yu who had a representative and Paul Broun who had information available. Georgia House of Representatives: incumbent Rick Jasperse attended. Pickens County Board of Commissioners: Incumbent Jerry Barnes attended as well as Bart Connelly, opponent. Pickens County Board of Education: Incumbent Byron Long was present.

Early voting in Georgia begins on April 28, 2014

via Pickens County Tea Party Hosts Candidate Fair – pickens.fetchyournews.com.

IMPORTANT! Pickens County Budget Meetings, October 21-23


“Officials need to prepare plans to reduce property taxes by 30% for the next five years in order to return monies wrongly confiscated under false pretenses.”

When the housing industry collapsed in 2008, the adverse effects were felt in Pickens by spring 2009. Gone were waves of construction workers. Trucks no longer delivered building materials. Out of town home buyers vanished. Empty chairs greeted worried restaurant owners.

Concrete plants, building supply houses and other local businesses saw precipitous declines in store traffic and sales. Banking was paralyzed. Two local banks have since closed their doors. Before 2009 ended property values plunged 30 percent and haven’t recovered. Layoffs engulfed the private sector. The downturn was steep, abrupt and widespread.

In the intervening five years it’s gotten worse. One-third of the buildings in Jasper’s downtown district are vacant. Newer commercial developments along 515 and elsewhere in the county are similarly distressed. Businesses familiar to the community for years have evaporated. Many of those that remain have downsized. Some are barely holding on.

New startups seem to close before the paint dries on the signage announcing their arrival. Many private sector workers have seen incomes disappear. Careers have ended. Part time work at 20 percent of previous take home is the new normal.

Personal and business credit has been destroyed. Foreclosures have been pouring through the Pickens Progress unabated for five years.

CONTINUE READING via Pickens County Budget Meetings, October 21-23. Be There..

Jasper’s 2012 Finances Completed, Council makes Amendment

The city of Jasper’s 2012 finances have now been finalized and were presented at the council meeting Monday night. The city’s finances, when presented in a businesslike format, show a net position of $3,991,000.

That includes all assets and minus all debts. However, once adjustments were applied including the recent lawsuit the city lost, the beginning of 2013 started with a negative fund balance. The $367,366 judgment shouldn’t affect the current year’s operating budget as it was related to an event that occurred in prior years and was accounted for in that way.

Page 30 of the annual financial report addresses the litigation the city faced in which they were adjudicated to pay those damages. However, those figures may be adjusted dependent upon the outcome of the city’s appeal to the case.

CONTINUE READING via Jasper’s 2012 Finances Completed, Council makes Amendment – fetchyournews.com.