Weather Advisory for Pickens County & Dawson Counties

IMPORTANT weather advisory warns of a very serious winter storm … potentially life threatening.  Dawson and Pickens were advised that Sunday night thru Monday (anyone living at the 2,000 ft level and above) face at least a 50% chance of 2-3 Inches of Snow or better…but more importantly on Monday night thru Tuesday AM the temp is expected to drop below zero at -5 to -10 degrees with wind chill possibly at -20 to -30 degrees…..there is a notion that wind chill only impacts people and not inanimate objects (which is incorrect) particularly PVC and metal pipes are vulnerable as wind chill reduces the heat in those pipes and exposes them to bursting or freezing.  Just want to give you a warning about exposed pipes or homes that have not been properly winterized…..also there may be some living up here that needs to be checked upon from time to time as power may become an issue….with these type of temp it could be catastrophic.  You may want to consider light bulbs in your well house for heat,  pets that are exposed to this extreme are particularly vulnerable…also your propane level and generator  should be considered.

Hope you all stay warm and safe…and please stay off the roads. (J.T.)

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